Dirty Side Down (Knights of Hell MC) - Daisy Schwartz

His other (hand) guided his cock past her cheeks, between her thights, and with satisfying accuracy, entered her opening with his head.

I am not quite sure if I should applaud Terry for being able to find Flora´s "opening" with "satisfying accuracy", but yes, job well done. Congrats, I guess?


Undercover cop Flora goes after a bad boy biker who runs an MC involved in illegal business like weapon and drug smuggling. Flora, a real biker lady, instead of only being a cop, enters the biker´s bar looking for info, where she is of course caught and immediately recognized as a detective.


Let´s meet Terry. Bad as bad as a biker can be, he has deep set blue eyes, a chiseled body, and a smoldering look. And that´s all there is to him.


Flora has a bit more personality, not a lot, but at least there is some sense of a real human being with feelings, insecurities, and the whole lot. The focus is clearly on Flora, while Terry is just a stud who happens to be the object of her interest, and those rather accidently. Despite being the one who should know anything she is looking for, Flora has absolutely no clue who he is. Hmmkay... I would think this is rather embarrassing since why having an undercover cop showing up at a biker bar, and a hidden team to guard her ass, when you have zero idea who the players are?


Flora is more interested to find out where her missing brother is, instead of getting info about the club to nail them and jail them, 


Another plot hole, and there are several, big as those in delicious Swiss cheese, coz there is no reason at all why Flora would ask, in some kind of normal circumstances, the biker boss Terry about her missing brother. At the time she had no clue that he was indeed running with the crowd, and involved with their illegal business.


While she was let go for no reason that is in any way described, the story moves fast forward to Terry´s apartment where Flora shows up uninvited and unexpected. How she even get that info where he lives is a mystery .. well, it just is. She being a cop and all. And big surprise, Terry is not in the least surprised that an undercover cop shows up at his home, nor does he anything to defend him. Instead he grabs a couple of cold beers from the fridge to have a chat with Flora. Makes alot of sense. Not really, but...


Some brief conversation and it goes straight to the heart of the matter: which is of course doinking. Terry is nothing more but a dick, with something like a guy attached to it. From the rather weird descriptions of his, well, dick, one would think he is a real beast. :-) Flora cusses her ass off while being banged against a wall. The end. And it ends just like that, no answers given, no real conclusion of the story - that little that happened - and some truly ridiculous descriptions which are neither hot nor in any way sensual. It´s just Terry shoving and pushing his thing into her, oh god, oh god, oh god. Climax.


What´s even as annoying as a stupid storyline with no real plot and a silly sex scene are repeated sentences starting with "However". Or my favorite, which the author repeated mercifully (insert *eyeroll* here) as often, "Flora thought", ... and then Flora thinks .. something. In italics, no less.


While "Dirty Side Down" is not the worst offender of books I have read - in this case, a short story - it is not really a guilty pleasure either. Replaceable, disposable, and already forgotten.