Seduced by the Vacuum: A Tale of Lust and Dust - Celestia Dew Taken by the Haunted HDMI Cable: (Cable Erotica) - Sinn Lee

Just saw this on my Twitter and since I know there are many with some .. ahem rather fascinating tastes in books, I thought I´d share. One of the more obscure stories I have seen so far. 

Seduced by the Vacuum by Celestia Dew

Seduced by the Vacuum: A Tale of Lust and Dust

It´s in KU if anyone wants to check it out, and I know you want to. O_o

Clara has returned to her grandparents' old summer cabin after 10 years away. She used to spend happy but lonely summers there, her only friends the household appliances. She is happy to greet her old friends, especially the vacuum, who surprises her by being less machine and more...alive...than she could ever imagine.

This is fantasy erotica intended for readers 18+ and over. It contains sex with a sentient vacuum. This is a 2,200 word short story.

Readers also enjoyed. :-) 

Taken by the Haunted HDMI Cable by Sinn Lee

Taken by the Haunted HDMI Cable (free)

Sarah has always been fascinated by haunted houses. It's no wonder that she buys the one in her hometown the first chance she gets. She's going to prove to everyone that she can live in a haunted house longer than anyone. She's ready for strange noises and moving furniture, but what she doesn't expect is a haunted HDMI cable with her in its sights. This sexually charged video cable intends to give her a night she never forgets.

A Short Erotic Story About An HDMI Cable

The "also boughts" are also ... interesting. :D