Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy - Wendy Paine Miller, Lucas Bale, Michael Bunker, Eric Tozzi, Chris Pourteau, David Gatewood, Forbes West, Joseph E Uscinski, Peter Cawdron, Edward W. Robertson, Ernie Lindsey, Richard Gleaves, Jennifer Ellis, Nick Cole

If you were around in the Key West in the 1980s you know what I´m talking about. Having a gin-and-tonic at Hemingways fave bar, maybe. Sloppy Joe´s, anyone? Then you have seen it, or you were part of it waving their secession flags. When the Concha Republic split off from the US of A because they were pissed that Reagan, that B-movie actor, blocked their supply lines. It might sound like a bad LSD trip now, but shit was real, you know?

You played one of those arcade games like Pac-Mac and suchalike, right? Ding ding ding. No, you didn´t make the high-score, not even close, your mind is controlled, that´s what. By some bloody-thirsty vampire-alike ... somethings from beyond space and time, or the CIA or the KGB. Most likely it´s all three since they are working together in more than one way, or maybe that´s just part of the conspiracy theory.

Bet you were enthusiastic at first to play that new game, or maybe you were On The Border, but sure thing you were waiting in line too. Even fighting the drunken sailors to be the next, weren´t you? No harm, no foul, as long as you don´t end being stabbed to death. Shit happens, but life goes on, the game goes on.

Maybe you finally made it and hit the high-score, before the Men In Black dragged you out of the bar.

I mean, outerspace aliens?, totally a thing, and even if you have only Medium Talent you will recognize the landing of The Great Machine that kicked your brain into a mess. Sure, you can still wear your tinfoil hat 88.888 times over, or think you are in the driver´s seat of that beautiful red maserati with the nude black-haired woman next to you. It´s all the same to me.

Have another drink instead.

TL,DR: Sci-Fi noir with a hard-on for Key West, Hemingway, video games, alcohol and sex. Or as the Apocalypse Weird editor, Ellen Campbell, said it so eloquently, "Fuck you, Forbes West". I´m sure he is hearing that one a lot. :-)

3,5 tinfoil hat stars for Day For Night by Forbes West

(Legal disclaimer: I received a free copy of Tales Of Tinfoil from the editor, David Gatewood)