Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy - Wendy Paine Miller, Lucas Bale, Michael Bunker, Eric Tozzi, Chris Pourteau, David Gatewood, Forbes West, Joseph E Uscinski, Peter Cawdron, Edward W. Robertson, Ernie Lindsey, Richard Gleaves, Jennifer Ellis, Nick Cole

Some Hunter S. Thompson inspired pseudo gonzo crazy rant by Dr Midnite about Hollywood, and a B-movie actor who writes novels in his spare time and pretends to be a producer, and some porn star events, and NSA national secrets ~ no worries, I have the clearance to spill the beans~, and about the legend of the Suicide Mouse and Gilligan´s Island, and I have not a single freaking idea about all those movie and pop culture references. Dr Midnite is clearly spiraling downwards hard and fast. Now that´s crazy talk, more than usual, that is. As if some politically driven screenwriter would ever push their own agenda, or Hollywood has sold their soul to the devil. I call bullshit on that! 

3,5 tinfoil hat stars for Fear Of The Unknown and Loathing in Hollywood (or Nick Cole And The Great White Whale Hunt of ´73) by Dr Midnite

(Legal disclaimer: I received a free copy of Tales Of Tinfoil by the editor, David Gatewood)