This feels a bit like shit-posting now, but sometimes you just need to keep on rolling.

Last Thursday I was about ready to shut down my computer and ready to go to bed when I received a message on Facebook if I want to read (name redacted)´s new, not yet published novel. Having read books by (name redacted) I sure wanted to, and jumped on the opportunity, knowing that (name redacted) is an excellent writer who simply does not disappoint. It´s a book I´m not supposed to talk about, so that´s what I am doing now, not talking about it. I´m sorry, I guess?

I was sure lucky this year so far to have read a few books I absolutely loved, iE Texocalypse Now (Michael Bunker & Nick Cole), Peckerwood (Jedidiah Ayres), Medium Talent (Forbes West) or one of my current reads, The Bastard Hand (Heath Lowrance), but this book, now this is something different. I´m not really big on dystopian/post-apocalyptic stories, even my reading habits are all over the place, and I feel comfortable with pretty much anything, but did this book, yeah, this is bigger than anything I´ve had read this year. It just is.

I´m mostly stunned by the intensity of the book. (Name redacted) really doesn´t need much to bring the most desperate out of his characters, the guilt of surving, the feeling of loss. It is dark, and deeply haunting, and the characterisation and world building I´d say as perfect as it can get. The probably "funniest" thing is, that I, the reader, get a rather narrow view of the world as is via transcripts of voice recordings, or journal entries, with occasional context told from hindsight, but the journey is those of a Dark Tower into the abyss of what is possible in a human life, and back to the surface again.

I´m scared, and scarred, for life, but I´m not afraid. When this book comes out quit doing what you love, and read it. You can thank me later for it, even for the emotional trauma you may experience. It´s worth it, every single page, every single minute of it. It is as heartbreaking as it is genius. I was crying so hard when finishing the book but loving it so much.

It may be the end of the world as we knew it coz worlds end. All the time. But it is not the end.