The Vicious Circulation of Dr. Catastrope: A Polemical Ensemble - Kane X. Faucher some spin-off Baudelaire poem rewritten by a clinical depressive...

This is a sentence from around 20 % in - I´ve read half of the book so far - but I can´t get it out of my head, and go back to it again and again. Admittely totally taken out of context, that is I provide none. It doesn´t describe the book at all, even the impression might be there, It is... funny? Hard to tell due the text itself. Hilarious it might be, funny probably not.

As with ZOMG! I´m one of three and a half people or thereabouts who will ever read Faucher´s work so nevermind, I guess?

Kudos to Bauhaus for the inspiration for my sketch.