Revenge is a Redhead - Phil Beloin Jr.

What I liked reading the most in ´Revenge Is A Redhead´ is Phil Beloin Jr.´s ability to turn around his sentences in midair, and getting to a complete different ending than with what he started out. This turnaround makes the dialogues extremely funny, as they come so unexpected, and all the thoughts and musings of Rich hilarious even the darker undercurrent is always there. The situation he, and Cherry, are finding themselves in aren´t exactly funny, but funny they are due the sarcastic take on any event happening.

Cherry Pop (what a name!) has snark as her default setting and her sarcasm is as rich as those of Rich, which is rich, as both are poor as dirt. A prostitute and an out of luck, and kicked out from cop daddy´s home, lazy bum/loser make an excellent pairing in this rather short, and fast read novella. Sex and death and a homeless shelter makes one kind of an absurd and bizarre story. Throw in some thugs, drugs, an unhinged doctor, a nasty hotel landlord, a not so kind reverend (the joke´s on the reverend), and a crucifixion of sorts - which sounds rather unpleasant - and wham bam thank you ma´am everything´s set up for a dark joyride into the night.

There is non-stop action, seen through Rich´s eyes, with a ton of violence, but of the believeable sort. No one gets into any kind of fight with guns ablazing, but with a good reason, messed up as everything is. Vulgar and dirty both don´t exactly stumble into anything, but rather are thrown into motion due circumstances out of control, where one thing leads to the next. Bad guys don´t play by the role, so they can´t either, not that Cherry always wants to do that. She is, rather surprisingly, the tougher one of the lot, while Rich is not exactly a wuss, but more reluctant and don´t really know what happens all around him. Cherry is street smart, so having some sorry little fuck holding a gun at her head is nothing to worry about. She is that kind of girl, and can talk her way out with her ass any time.

Crisp and with involuntary street cred Rich wants nothing more but a warm bed that night, food in his stomach and popping Cherry Pop´s cherry, but being out of luck, everyone else is plowing through her. It´s a dick move, alright, if only his dick would move. As the body count gets higher and higher one thing is true for sure. Redheads are the sweetest things in the world (I should know!). Except when they aren´t anymore, and out for revenge.