Bad Dream Man: An Apocalypse Weird Novel (The Dead Keys Book 2) - Forbes West, Ellen Campbell Riddle Horse: A Film Script - Forbes West

It´s a Christmas miracle, or maybe not. Bad Dream Man by Forbes West is live on Amazon. The sequel to one of my fave books of 2015, Medium Talent. 

Bad Dream Man 

Having traveled eighty years into the past, Wendy Wicker thought she and her family had escaped the horrors of the apocalypse. But when a mysterious package for her arrives, she finds herself forced to return to the horrors of a ruined Key West and defeat an enemy from outside time and space that threatens to consume reality itself. Bram Stoker’s Dracula meets Dawn of the Dead in this explosive sequel to Medium Talent.

I had the pleasure to read Bad Dream Man back in November, when it was supposed to be relased via the now defunct publisher Wonderment, and while my review still stands, it is possible that the ARC and the final version slightly differ due circumstances. 

Cover design by Spacegoat Productions (DC, Marvel Comics and such)

My review of Bad Dream Man

Forbes West has also released the film script for ´Riddle Horse´. 

Riddle Horse

A young scheming pastor who believes that the ends justifies the means and an aging cowboy who won't be backed down square off against each other as the cowboy refuses to sell his desert ranch at a loss to the pastor's church; however when tragedy strikes it’s up to his trophy wife from another country and his violent daughter to keep the land.

You can watch a short trailer for ´Riddle Horse´ here:

Riddle Horse 

And while I am at it, if you want to support independent film makers for making ´Riddle Horse´ happening in all its glory, you can do so here:

Kickstarter for Riddle Horse

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