Damaged and the Cobra  - Bijou Hunter

Sweeter and lighter in tone Cobra as the third book in the Damaged series came less as a surprise but as positive All Smiles. Those who are already familiar how rough life can be in Ellsberg and around those parts might enjoy a novella that is different, but still fitting to the series as a whole. 


Lark, the nice, quiet and gentle girl, as we know her already from Damaged and the Knight, gets the love she deserves. Living at home and under the thumb of an verbal abusive, control-freakish step-father and her mother who is the living proof that reading "50 Shades of Grey" doesnt do any good, she has her home made issues. Also her creepy stepbrother is less then healthy for her self-esteem.


Having a worm as a tattoo, that should have been a beautiful butterfly once, is of course a good excuse to meet Aaron, the tat artist, at whom Lark has laid her eyes on already. Both too shy, too nervous to make a move they blame fate, until Coop The Poop does play fate, and gives Lark the chance to do what she wants the most: getting (and having!) Aaron for real. 


I also love that the Cobra novella isnt totally focused on the story of Lark and Aaron, but also the old gang shows up. Cooper, Farah, Tawny, Judd and Bailey and the rest. It gives the story a setting, a backbone and spine. Its not only sex that matters here - rest assured: there is plenty - , but the lives that are lived in all their positives and negatives.


Tricky as always Bijou Hunter sneaks in two more characters who will get their own books (and HEAs!) in the coming Damaged novels: Harlow and Raven are introduced and I am looking forward ALOT to those from the little glimpses I got in Cobra. Who Harlow is exactly is hard to tell at this point, but I love to get surprised, even if only in books. Raven however is the Ice Queen, the "if looks could kill" type of woman. As Larks sister she is the opposite of sweet, even not obnoxious like in Bitch Slap 5 obnoxious. Raven is hard shelled, has her own issues - they all have so that should work out just fine - and I totally can imagine her together with Vaughn, the old skool Harley type and Dead Man Walking. 


The double POV, with alternating chapters between Lark and Aaron, took me a bit to get used to at first. The more I read, and I read this sweet novella twice in a row, the more I was fascinated however with the technique. It does make sense to give them both the chance to speak up and for me as a reader to see their story with different pair of eyes. Also the whole weight of the story is less on the chick´s shoulder but in a positive way spread between those two lovebirds. The story has the right flow, and once more shows the Power of Love and the Magic of Women.


Beware: Thunder Kitten is back.


(Legal disclaimer: I beta-read Damaged And The Cobra by Bijou Hunter, as I did with other books by the same author, and saw the book in different stages while in the making, as well as the final version. I received a free copy from the author Bijou Hunter.)