The End of the World Playlist - Dan  O'Brien

80 page novella, 50 % finished.


No idea why I am reading this exactly. A couple of male survivors in a zombie world. What the fuck happened before, or why only those five dudes, or turds ?, are alive I dont know.


The guys argue with eachother or kick eachothers butt. The zombies are getting run over by their Bronco, or shot. The dumbest fucking things they are. They jump out of nowhere into the story just to die. Those idiots serve no purpose whatsoever, but the guys (cant even remember their names) are scared shitless all the freaking time. Which makes sense, kinda.


Everything seems like a cheap trick, like the song titles as chapter headings. This one is one big bad brainfart. It´s not without the occasional humor, but duh... 


Keep on reading. Can´t let the sucker win. *major eye roll*