So Athelissa was a little bit in a deleting frenzy the last hours and got rid off three blog posts on her asshole site. The cynic in me said Athelissa wanted to delete the evidence of her crap, especially now that former allies became her enemies and shit might become real soon for her with Rick on her sorry little ass.

The deleted blog posts includes shitting on Rick with the fake as it gets "Amazon" email, a screenshot of a Jane Litte post, and the non-exist "book" one of her asshole friends put up on Goodreads to harass and mock one user/reviewer, namely Grimlock and their take on an article.


(you can read about Grim´s experience here: )


Just for prosperity: full webpage screenshots of the three deleted STGRB blog posts:


Salon, Trolls, Stalkers... Oh My


Nice Try, Rick


Try again, Jane