Cafe Insomniac - Mark Capell

I settle for a radio station that´s currently playing a Tom Waits track. That man has so much gravel in his voice that, if he coughed, you could build a road with the contents of his phlegm.


17 % into the book now.


OK, this one quote made me laughing oud loud, especially after having had an obnoxious discussion about coughing today. Don´t ask. I am pretty sure you don´t want to know. 


Is it a mystery? I am not sure, not totally, but for the moment, I guess so. It does have the typical David Lynch feeling, and if it sounds odd then because it is. Like a book version of a movie. Black/white, lots of fog, jazz music, a beautiful woman, a mysterious stranger who pops up when ever you don´t expect him, an insomniac, an all-night-open café. Perfect.


It is surprisingly funny too.


Love also the jazz and pop culture references. Like the old guys like Charlie Parker but no Tindersticks? Nooo. C´mon that can´t be true. I want Tindersticks for crying out loud. They would fit sooo well here.


The prose flows well and it´s easy to read, but in a way where you know it just looks easy but there was a lot of effort put into. Also the slight twists and turns always come in an unexpected way. Pretty cool and me likez so far.