Darkhouse - Karina Halle

Terror indeed. 


Yeah, I know I am late to jump on the Karina Halle bandwagon, but I noticed a price drop today on her Experiment In Terror series, and couldn´t resist to buy all 11 (in words: eleven!) freaking books for 0.89 Euro each - Kindle edition - (and the first one is permafree anyway). To add: by someone I have not read before. Duh. Or rather Holy Fucking Shit! But this makes me also strangely happy, or I need to get laid soon. Hmm... 


I mean I have no freaking idea when exactly I will read the whole damn series, but I guess it´s good that I have them. Just in case I have a strange urge to read them Right Now!.


Oh Lord, please help those confused soul. *siiigh*