Cafe Insomniac - Mark Capell

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Now this is real entertaining. 


The all night open café comes to life finally, thanks to Spinner, who is quite the character and I enjoy reading about him the most, with his band of homeless musicians, The Bedless.


OK, the joke here is obvious, but nevertheless it is a good one. Not born out of mischief, but done with self-irony.


Four guys and their instruments: a guitar with only four strings, a harmonica, bongo drums and a trumpet and playing All Along The Watchtower or Where The Wild Roses Grow. Joining in the fun, the mysterious Delilah, the cafés very own piano player.


Never laughed harder about something here but it´s a laugh full of sympathy and enjoyment.


It´s slightly unbelieveable, but hey, in such an environment everything´s possible. It has the playful silliness to make it work.


Hilarity with the underlying tones of tragedy, but the music sounds good and the rhythm is just right and one to sing and dance along.