The Paris Game - Alyssa Linn Palmer Moonlight & Love Songs - Alyssa Linn Palmer

So... I had this two books now for some weeks on my "wishlist" before I finally gave in and bought them today. 


When I first noticed the books, or rather the covers, really, I knew, I had to get them. And I did. 


But fuck do I hope the praise for those two books isn´t out of tune.


Gritty and romantic, Moonlight and Love Songs will steal your heart, sell it for drugs, and leave you with a song. - Miranda Baker


Classic jazz tunes and French chansons provide the soundtrack to a story that hits you in the gut and in the heart. - Cathy Pegau


Never been to Paris myself, and only occasionally a jazz listener but I do love to read about Paris and Jazz, especially together, so this totally is my cuppa. Sure, no idea if I really, really, REALLY like those two books, but that does not matter in the strict sense. Just happy that I found those since the combination in itself is just marvelous, and I crave for stories set up in Paris where I imagine the darker side of life. And Jazz. Yes, Jazz is totally needed here. Some sort of 1950´s black/white art feeling and me happy. 


Sometimes life is that simple.