My favorite romance author, Bijou Hunter, will have a new book out soon in her Damaged series: Damaged and the Outlaw.


Which I am happily looking forward to beta-read in the coming days. 


Can´t share the cover yet, even I have seen it already, but Bijou posted a quote on her blog from her new h Raven. That and the half naked guy have to do for the moment.


"Guys like Vaughn were vain in the best way. His powerful shoulders and chest demanded an extra large tee to fit comfortably. Of course, an extra large shirt would hang loose over his ripped stomach. What could he do? Simply buy a large tee so it clung to his every sexy curve. Hell, I could probably see a mosquito bite under such a tight shirt. His vanity gave me quite the view and I nearly applauded."


Raven Hancock from Damaged and the Outlaw by Bijou Hunter