Halfway Hidden - Carrie Elks

A stranger walks into a bar. ^o^


OK, I was already intrigued by the blurb alot the last couple of days and now it´s finally live and published. Yay!


I hope I didn´t shoot myself into the foot with this one. I am incredibly nervous coz it contains references to past abuse and rough, consensual sex. 


I don´t mind sex, and definitely not consensual one, not at all. But... I do hope the references to past abuse are kept to a minimum and the graphic language is decent enough not to be pukeworthy. I did not read any reviews of ARCs as not to be .. what exactly? Dunno. Guess I didn´t want to spoil the fun for myself. *shrug* As always, no real idea what I will get when buying a book.


However, I cannot and will not read rape scenes, so wish me luck please. Duh.


Reading now. :D