When It Rains - Lisa De Jong

10% in (Chapter 3) and I am already bored out of my ass, or rather annoyed I guess. I let it rest for a couple of days, tried to pick it up again today but I don´t think I can go on with "When It Rains". I am probably missing something here, but I definitely don´t know what it is.


 It´s not that Lisa de Jong doesn´t know how to write, she does, but the story is just too meh as a whole.


Kate was raped by the local football town hero, but she never talked to anyone about it.


My once perfect picture of the world was gone, and all that remained were a bunch of broken pieces that I couldn´t glue back together.


Fast skip forward two years. Kate is a mess, hangs more or less around in her room all day and night, and her best friend is ready to move to another town to go to college while she stays back. Beau knows of course every little detail of her life, but the most important thing he does not know.


OK, I get the part that Kate is too ashamed to talk about her rape, or even tried in all those time to seek help. Everyone around her simply accepts that everything in her life is going downhill. Which probably sort of makes sense. Not really, but that´s a completely different chapter.


The most annoying thing is the back and forth between Kate and Beau. She loves him, he loves her, but he doesn´t deserve her. She needs to let him go that he can find a better girl than she is blah blah blah. Same old, same old.


A knight in shining armour is needed to rescue her coz otherwise she can´t live her life. Yeap, pretty much, alas, there is a bit more needed than this, ´I love you but you are so much better than me´ nonsense. The way the storyline, and their wanna be relationship, is presented makes it seem as a simple teenage girl angsty drama while the rape is used as a cheap ploy to get the story going. No thanks.


Skimming some reviews which talk about a love triangle in the making doesn´t give me much confidence that "When It Rains" is really the book I want to read. No, I don´t think I want to read any more.