Abundant Christmas - Sherry Bach

So Sherry Bach started today, Dec 2, 2013 a thread over at the KDP forum

"Anyone else having troubles with trashy reviews" 




Okay, so far nothing we haven´t see before. A whiney amateur author complaining about a less than favorable review. However, now it gets a bit more interesting. 


A 2** star review about her book "Abundant Christmas" that the author Sherry Bach found "trashy" was posted on Nov 23, 2010 (!). And as it appears it was already deleted at least once, and then re-posted. But a little more about that later.


On Jan, 21, 2012 (!) Sherry Bach takes offense to the 2** star review and posts a comment:





And now back to the aforementioned comment by moi that the review was already deleted once and re-posted. I have a dark feeling that the reviewer was previously harassed by the author, Sherry Bach. 


On Sep, 13, 2010 (!) - and here the timeline is important - Sherry Bach posted three reviews. All 5***** star reviews of her own books ! How this slipped through the Amazon policies I do not know, but here it is.


Review Nr 1: Pathos In My Pocket by Sherry Bach






Review Nr 2: Jekyll And Hide Me Not by Sherry Bach




Review Nr 3: Abundant Christmas by Sherry Bach



And this is review, posted on Sep 13, 2010 is the same comment Bach left on the 2** star review on Jan 21, 2012, thats why I assume she posted the same or a similar comment on the original review of her book already once at least. 



Holding grudges is for sure something Sherry Bach is pretty damn good at.