The Sunset Prophecy - P.J. Day

So far the narrative is mostly introducing the main characters. At 23 %.


Adam, a successful and (former) handsome editor of a fashion magazine, who had a little bit of a run-in with a demon (?) and was transformed into an obese, bugalike looking man. Which makes his job rather... unfortunate now, after neglecting his duty to find a culprit.

Not sure yet what kind of role this unknown culprit actually plays. A rogue nephilim on the run who wants to stop (?) a prophecy coming to life. Clearly there is a war in the making, on earth (?), between heaven and hell (?), different fraction of angels (?).


Keelen, an aspiring actress who struggles to survive in L.A. (every time she shows up for an acting job she competes against 30 chicks who look like her) and quits her day job in an art gallery after the owner, a famous painter, creeps her out with some sexually explicit, let´s call them, suggestions. Luckily her friend, Logan, offers her a job as his assistant so she can make ends meet.


Logan is a reclusive artsy guy who sleeps during the day and works at night. Could be a vampire for all I know, and he paints in human blood. He is the rising star in the art world, but except a couple of friends nobody knows what he looks like or where he lives. Sort of Banksy alike.


Cindy, Keelen´s roommate/BFF, and into all kinds of obscure stuff, is a bit of a hippy, and with her head in the sky. A dreamer who is interested in talking to the dead. Everything that is out of this world, even without a real understanding of what kind of mess she could get herself into.


Matt, Keelen´s boyfriend, a boxer who is on the rise and could make it big if he wins his next fight. Apart from that, and his rough childhood when he kicked ass some thugs in his neighbourhood, there isn´t much known about him so far.


The mysterious Frisker is another player. He seems to be some sort of angel, pretty high in the ranks but he is at odds with Adam even they are on the same side, clearly. Not sure what kind of demon this Jrue is they both serve (in secret?), though, if at all. References that Adonai doesn´t know what is going on, but there are already nephilim on earth to put some pressure on the hunters of the culprit.


An angel vs demon, God vs Devil narrative with a background of L.A. , fashion, sports and art.

Yeap, I am hooked and fascinated with this odd mixture of "real" reality and religion and all sorts of quirky things going on.