In The Dutch Mountains - Cees Nooteboom Sophie's World - Paulette Møller, Jostein Gaarder The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman Atonement - Ian McEwan The Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield - Katherine Mansfield

Christmas presents unwrapped and surprise, surprise: all I got was more books to read. The horror :O 

My parents sure know how to please their daughter. And I am extremely pleased with those books which I received as gifts. Slightly bragging ahead, sorry. :)

Cees Nooteboom - In The Dutch Mountains - a fable or a fairy tale about a different Netherlands by one of the masters of Dutch literature


Jostein Gaarder - Sophie´s World - one of those books I wanted to read since forever. A philosophical journey, which I guess could go both ways. Annoying, or loving it to bits and pieces.


Michael Ondaatje - The English Patient - not exactly a fan of historical novels as such but I am looking forward to this one. Heartbreaking, I guess, but from what I know it´s worth it. Slightly intimated, though. 


Neil Gaiman - The Ocean At The End Of The Lane - my first Gaiman, can you believe it? One of those books everybody seems to have read already, and I am the last person on earth who is totally clueless. Time to close the gap in my literary education. Not to mention that I am a huge Amanda Fucking Palmer fan, even that hasn´t really anything to do with it, does it? 


Ian McEwan - Atonement - also one of those books, or any by McEwan, really, that I wanna read since a long, long time and have eyed more than once when being in a bookshop or browsing online at Amazon


Katherine Mansfield - The Collected Stories - a huge monster of a book. Approximately 800 pages. I love short stories, and Mansfield is often named as one of the best, so yeah for me. :) (even I thought I did own a copy of that one already.. hmmm...)