The Infinite Library - Kane X. Faucher Night Film - Marisha Pessl Ash Cinema - Edward J. Rathke The Empty City - Berit Ellingsen Where I End and You Begin - Andra Brynn

The last day of the year is a good day to recap what I have read. I was blessed in more than one way. More books I have read I liked than I have disliked. I have found friends in them. It´s a little overwhelming to opt only for those books mentioned. Impossible, really, but in the end I decided to go for this five since I am (almost) sure those gave me the most pleasure, reading wise. So here you go, make of it what you will. *smile*

Kane X. Faucher - The Infinite Library


There is mystery, there is thriller and all kinds of book-related enigmas, stories within stories, conspiracy theories. But there is more to it, especially as the series continues. Based on a vast intellectual foundation it is a philosophical-political journey about art, media and the question of identity with a broad background in history. Kane has created the mountain without a valley.


Marisha Pessl - Night Film


A bastardized novel of sorts, a Michael Haneke/David Lynch movie-alike book, that is truly haunted. A crime noir, absorbing, incredibly rich in detail, full of depth and clarity, even at times overly crafted. The nightmarish, rigid atmosphere of darkness however is an experience on its own. Love also the multimedia aspect of the novel, the webpage and film for the book Marisha Pessl has created to enrich the reading.


Edward J. Rathke - Ash Cinema


Another book with a background on film and arts. About loving and dying, about creation and destruction, about chasing ghosts and making them real. Full of parables about emotions via films where the lines are blurred between reality and a different kind of reality, which is nevertheless as real. Quirky and metaphysical ´Ash Cinema´ is one of the finest pieces of lit I have read this year, even the writing itself is often drunk on its own importance. I have had to adjust my thoughts about it more than once, but with every re-reading parts of the novel I became more and more intrigued.


Berit Ellingsen - The Empty City


A novel without a plot per se, and probably/most likely the only Zen-alike book I have ever read. A nameless narrator wanders through an empty and silent city, close to insanity before he finally starts his journey to enlightenment. Extremely sensual, subtle and poetic, but also precise and controlled. There is a calmness in the writing that I enjoyed, which spoke to me with every senses of my body. 


Andra Brynn - Where I End And You Begin


Technically speaking ´Where I End And You Begin´ falls under the ´New Adult´ category, but it´s definitely not your typical angsty drama and ´damaged h needs to be saved´ type of book. It´s more about overcoming pain and grief and inner demons that everyone carries around in a way. Ghost stories neatly intervowen with the story itself also gives a different perspective on the narrative. An emotional rollercoaster that touched me deeply and often unexpectedly. 


I also wanted to give several books a honorable mention, which I love as much. I am certainly biased about them, mostly because I found a true friend in Angela which I would have never dreamed of just one year ago. For me those books became as important as the ones I have called favorites now. Not only because of my friendship with the author *smile* but because they remind me what a journey 2013 was, with ups and downs, negatives and positives. For this I will ever be grateful. It has taught me alot, and I am happily embracing every minute of it. Mentioning these books is also a way of saying ´Thank You´ for being a friend.

Angela Horn - The Moon Rises

Bijou Hunter - Damaged and the Cobra
Dakota Shepherd - Micah


Happy New Year and Happy Reading in 2014!