Have Wormhole, Will Travel - Tony McFadden

Today I made acquaintance with author Tony McFadden on Twitter. How did this happen you ask? Well, Tony spammed me. 


Now let me get this straight. I don´t know Tony. I have never read, rated, or reviewed any of his books. I don´t follow him on Twitter, or elsewhere, nor does he follow me. So why the everlovingfuck did Tony decide to "promote" his new crapsterpiece "Have Asshole, Will Crap" to me? His explanation was rather interesting.


Let´s quote Tony, just for the fun of it: "Paper.li is an automatic thing that gets content from twitter. I look for #reading hashtags." 

Thanks Tony, that of course explains everything. So I am now on some automatic spam list because I may have used the hashtag #reading at some point on Twitter. Awesome.

No, Tony, I don´t appreciate it to get "news" about your fart out of the blue without ever having been in touch with you. I have no interest, heck, I didn´t even know that you exist. So why did you think I would be interested? Does spam ever work? Probably. But that doesn´t mean I like to get spam, and especially not by you, Tony, a random stranger on the internet. I think we can agree on that part, can we? Cool. 

Now let´s move on a bit. An unknown site visitor, yeah really, sent me his latest blog post from goofreads. Great, that you think that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion... but.. there is always a "but", isn´t it?. 

I simply copy and past his text, taken without permission from goofreads: 


Also included here is a whole webpage screenshot of Tony McFadden´s whine post. Just in case anyone cannot go to goofreads directly. And of course it never hurts to have an actual screenshot.



Reviews, And What They´re Worth, Dec 24, 2013 by Tony Mc Fadden


"I sent oodles of free-copies of Have Wormhole, Will Travel out to a very broad audience (I used NetGalley - a not cheap service) in the hope of getting a fairly healthy base of reviews for the book before I started serious advertising (coming next month).


As expected, reviews are coming in. And as expected, not all of them are great.


Let's be clear here: I - finally - don't cry when I get poor reviews. Gone are the rent shirts and endless nights of sobbing.


Kidding aside, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And writers who write trying to please everyone, will please no one.


However, I noticed a trend in the poor (1 and 2 star reviews) that I've received on Goodreads.


[An interesting aside - none of the reviewers who felt HWWT was only worth 1 or 2 stars shared their review on Amazon. Hmmm.]


In Have Wormhole, I soundly debunk the whole idea of vampires. Mathematically they aren't possible. If they fed as often as literature (if you want to call it that) suggests, we'd all be blood-sucking, pale-face coffin-dwellers. A number of my poor reviews came from fan-boysgirls of the vampire/paranormal genre (at least that's what it appears from the solid 4 and 5-star reviews they've given to vampire books on Goodreads).


I also allow my adult characters to swear, as I often do, in times of stress, surprise or anger. Some readers find that offensive, yet continue to read the entire book and slag me for it. Fine, you don't like "foul" language. Why waste your time reading the book? In every single one of my books you'll find the swearing starting in the first chapter. It shouldn't come as a surprise at the end of the book.


Anyway, as I said, you're all entitled to your opinion. That's what a review (most of the time) is. An opinion.


And 83% of you still think it's a pretty good book." 

Congrats to your overwhelming success, Tony. I am with you, and totally agree. 83% is pretty good, considering the number of readers who actually rated your book.


Talking about fangurls/-bois. What about those who loved your books so much that they joined goofreads extra, just imagine, to write stellar five-star reviews? You don´t object to those, Tony, do you? I wonder why?


And what about those reviewers on Amazon who too reviewed exactly one book, one of yours, and nothing else? Clearly very dedicated fans, no? 


And what about Joyce McFadden whose only review is that of a book by you, Tony McFadden? Did I say McFadden? Yeap, I did. Your wife, mother, sister or another relative of yours, Tony?


And you know, Tony, I don´t even mention anything now about all those other questionable accounts. Those who joined goofreads to rate a book or two of yours and you befriended them the very next day. Or those who review ten books and five of those reviews are totally fangurlish 5***** stars for your own crap. Or all those authors from your review swapping group who give you as stellar reviews. 

0,5 stars

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