Have Wormhole, Will Travel - Tony McFadden

Why I´m considering leaving Goodreads by Tony McFadden, Jan 4, 2014 via




I only copy over the best parts. If you don´t wanna give Tony traffic to his site here is a full webpage screenshot.




(...)"Yet, after I have received 60+ 1-star rankings (no reviews) over a short 48 hours, from “members” who haven’t read any of my titles and profess that they will never read anything I’ve written, Goodreads has done nothing to remove them. The resultant drop in aggregate rating (from an overall average of 4.02 prior to the onslaught to – at publication – 2.77) seriously impacts my brand. I believe I would have a case against Goodreads for fraud, if I chose to pursue it, and that decision is pending.


Let me make this perfectly clear: I absolutely do not care if you give me a 1-star review after you actually read my book. That is 100% your right. But stacking on the 1-star to lower my aggregate ratings, and getting your friends to follow suit, is tantamount to fraud, even slander.


My anger, though, is directed at Goodreads. The “reviewers” I have pity for. They think they are doing something daring, or outrageous and look to their peers for more validation. Get a life. Go outside and play with your dog.


Goodreads has effectively made their site a waste of time for authors. A rating systems that doubles as a punishment tool for sociopath keyboard jockeys, and isn’t policed in any manner (apparently) isn’t something I want to be a part of. I said above that I have absolutely no control over the reviews I get and that’s only partly true. By taking down my books and closing my account with Goodreads, at least I control the quality of the platforms I use."(...)

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