While attacking a reader, VL "Dick" Dreyer claimed US Law prevents people from falsely rating books.




If false ratings are in fact against US law and Dick truly believes they're wrong then hasn't she committed the same crime? Or are we suppose to believe the following ratings on the same day for her BBA friends are genuine? Isn't she misleading readers too?




Once F&G wrote about Karen Bell attacking readers, Dick immediately five starred Bonkers' books. Did Victoria break the law here?



Dick and her BBA friends routinely five star books. A few of them one star books they've never read. Plus, they have sock accounts that five star their books. Is Dick claiming the authors in WIN (whiny ignorant nobodies) are breaking the law too?


Or isn't it possible that a reader's ratings are simply their personal opinions? If so, the reader Dick was screaming at wasn't breaking the law. Neither is Dick and her BBA buddies. Next time, Dick might want to attempt a little logic before she screams at readers.

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