Time Warp - Steven brockwell



Dear Steven,


you know when every 1* star review hammers you for the same grammatical and editing mistakes, even for your "updated" version of your book, then maybe, but only maybe, it is not the reviewers who are to blame but yourself. What do you think? Could this be true, Steven? 

And yes, Steven, I do expect a book to be a professional product, even for 99 cents, heck, even when it´s free. You compete with pros... forget that part, obviously you do not.

And even so, commenting on those reviews without identifying yourself as the author and making silly statements, derogatory ones even, might not help you all that much to sell more books. Isn´t it so, Speedy? Why not clean up your mess and try again? Or is blame-shifting really that much easier? Live and learn, live and learn.