Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom - Mel Bosworth

This small novella could become one of my comfort reads in time of stress and needs. It´s funny, lovely, sweet, playful, chaotic, silly, strange, sexy and I had some laughing out loud moments with it, but mostly I was grinning like a fool. There is this frantic intensity that seems just perfect, so totally right. Bosworth just nails it.


Even the small meta-fictional parts in it are working, when Samantha is telling David ´to hurry up and skip ahead to the next chapter already.´ It´s the feeling that the world is here forever and it is here only for me. One enjoys the moment but at the same time one wants more and one wants it faster, right now. More love, more sex, more everything.


There isn´t really all that much happening in the story itself. Eating, drinking, talking, having sex. That´s it. They are in love, totally nuts about each other and the world they are living in consists only of themselves. It´s Samantha and David, David and Samantha. They are four hands, four arms, a vagina, a penis and two heads.


The dialogues, same as the inner monologues of David, are straight forward and incredibly witty. He scolds himself for being such a fool, for being so nervous, for being such a jerk (of course he is none; he is in love). As funny are his phone calls with his friend Mark. It circles around the one question "Will you fuck her?" Oh boys. They will always be boys, won´t they?


Oh sex, yeah there is lots of sex. It´s sweet, funny, awkward sex. The drunken I-don´t-remember-a-single-freaking-thing-the-next-day kind of sex on the lawn at four in the morning. Often hilarious but Bosworth as a writer doesn´t make fun of his characters. He always lets them have their dignity no matter how much they make a fool of themselves. And that´s what makes ´Grease Stains, Kismet And Maternal Wisdom´ so cool, so sweet, so lovely. Have you ever been in the same situation? Yeah? Thought as much. *smile*


There are two incredible long run-on sentences. The first time it works. (The second time not so much, but lets skip this now). Bosworth shows through this deliberate long sentence the first (actually the second) meeting between Samantha and David when he comes to her house. It´s awkward, they talk gibberish and Bosworth totally captures this feeling. It feels so totally real. All the nervousness and foolishness of such a situation.


When you meet the one person to whom you feel connected to and out of the blue he is standing in front of you and both of you don´t really know what to do, what to say and how to act. All those crazy thoughts that are running through the head, the silly things one says. It feels totally right, and so true, so true. It is love.

I downloaded a free ebook of Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom via Smashwords.