Fabled Enigma - G L Briggs

Is something in the water with the ashats this weekend? F&G, Asshole92X, and Rick Carufel wrote blustery blogs. Dick Dreyer freaked out on a reader and claimed anyone who doesn't like her zombie books must hate disabled people. This is from someone who is buddies with Mysti Moose aka "The R word is awesome because it's in the dictionary!"


Now, we find out Gail attacked a negative review of her book. Oh, she didn't use her account, of course. I assume she's gearing up in attack mode for the publication of her new shisterpiece. Funny how she never seems to understand why people consider her a BBA even though she keeps behaving this way.


FYI, Gail sock, it's "too bad." You must be a hell of an "Author."


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