Ah, who doesn´t remember the BBA war between Rickydick Carufel and Athelissa Parker-Doutshit? Once upon a time.. nope, this isn´t a fairy tale. They were allies once until they became the deadliest of enemies. Two butthurts who are threatening each other to sue etc etc, BUT Rickydick underestimated that Athelissa has some chicks on her side. The old bastard has only John Bankie Boy Reeves. An unfair match. 

What happened? Rick got spanked by the ladies!




But first some behind the scenes screenshots: 





And what happened? Rick excused himself from his own group. Never heard a lovelier euphemism, Mike. 




Source: http://bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-lets-get-rick.html