Thanks to Melissa's post "BEWARE: Julia Hollis, Kimber, & Kimmi," she's thrown a light on Kimber Dawn's recent negative reviews. Let's look at the timeline here...



Monday (2.10.14)

The BBA Whisperer posts private conversations from the Anti-Troll Alliance on our blog. The same day, C.J. Pinard talks with Julia about the SS and asks if she is Kimber Dawn.



Meanwhile on F&G, Robynn Gabel posted the following:



Soon, they're adding links to Kimber Dawn's Twitter and FB.



This is Monday after Julia tells C.J. Pinard she's not Kimber Dawn. Melissa clearly doesn't believe her.


Tuesday (2.11.14)

"Jennifer" writes a one star Amazon review for Kimber Dawn's book. This is the same account that has written five star reviews for BBA like Melissa Douthit, Jerri Hines, and Gail Briggs.


This is the first revenge review Melissa adds to Kimber Dawn's book. Note: This review was deleted after evidence began to mount that Melissa was an idiot.


Wednesday (2.12.14)

"Booklover" leaves another one star Amazon review for Kimber's book. In the past, Booklover attacked a one star review for Melissa Douthit's shisterpiece. Hey, Booklover attacks reviews too!!! Funny.



Here's her protecting Melissa by attacking a reader:


Here is Booklover bitching on F&G:










Speaking of gaming the Amazon system, the three negative reviews for Kimber Dawn's book were upvoted until they came up first. "Athena" bragged about putting people on reviews to vote her way.



Friday (2.14.14)

Melissa posts her lies about Julia and Kimber. She uses the revenge reviews as her proof of BBA behavior by KD. She also manages to rat out C.J. Pinard and convince Julia to turn on her. Excellent.


What does F&G claim bullies do?

1) Write negative reviews to bait an author into responding.

2) When the author responds, the bullies label her a BBA.

3) Bullies take selective SS and information to smear the BBA and hurt her career. Don't forget how this behavior is done out of jealousy because the bullies are failed authors.

4) When the bullies are caught in the wrong, they never apologize.


Hmm...who does that sound like?

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