or How STGRB Made An Attempt To Manipulate The Goodreads Choice Awards 2013

The "Off Topic" book really send the dipshits in a frenzy. Here Paula "Xenophopia Is Fun" Shene is giving the book a shout out to her ladies.



Of course any reasonable person would understand that a hundred votes don´t really make much of a difference when approximately 2 million users were voting for one book or the other. I said reasonable people, but we are dealing with Enema and Oops, and those were never the brightest stars in the universe, were they?.

Gail later did what she always does: She did the butthurt dance and threw a tamper tantrum and stormed off when the dipshits didn´t bow to her will. Enema is no Athelissa! And Jaq ´Goblin Rape´ D. Dorkins reveals one of her sock accounts, or "throwaway accounts" as she likes to call them. The lady has style. Thanks Jaq, not that nobody couldn´t figure that one out. 

Lee Ellis: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/25447582-lee-ellis


Jaq´s reading habits include bad 1970´s alien porn (all those Oopsie poopsies she loves so much) and books about receiving enemas. Of course Jaq has read all those books she five-starred since rating books one hasn´t read is unethical. Isn´t it, Jaq?



So much bullshit, so much lies!

Please note that those screenshots we are making public on the BBA Whisperer blog are in the possession of Goodreads Customer Service. Goodreads has full knowledge of STGRB´s attempt to goof around with the GR Choice Awards 2013. Also about those sock puppet accounts, the vandalization of the GR database, and other violation of GR Terms of Service.


But hey, as long as Amazon pays the bills...




Source: http://bbawhisperer.blogspot.com/2014/02/oh-btw-off-topic-part-1.html