With Jaq D. Hawkins recent rants (three posts attacking me and Miranda in one week), I feel she needs a new nickname. Obsessahawk. D-lightful Sock Master. No, just too damn complicated. I think I’ll call her Charlton from now on.


Charlton wrote on her “brave” blog about how she was banned from Goodreads on "trumped up reasons."


Let’s break down Charlton’s argument.


1)   Attacking a Goodreads librarian is a perfect example of why Charlton was banned. No doubt she's done many things we don’t know about and was flagged by many people besides us. Miranda and I did send evidence of her abusive behavior to Goodreads. If we played a small part in protecting readers from Charlton's trickery, we see no shame in patting ourselves on the backs. At the end of the post, I’ll include the evidence we sent


2)  The second response to her rant is that she's well aware of why the negative review jumped back to the top. Jaq and Charlton weren’t the only accounts deleted that evening. She lost many socks. Those “throwaway accounts” had liked her preferred reviews and lifted them to the top. She also used those accounts to five star books, one star others, and vote on listopias. Without them, the honest negative review jumped back ot the top. Big f'ing shock.


3)  It's ridiculous for Charlton to think she behaved professionally before her banning and can now let loose. She might be savvier than the average asshat, but that doesn't make her a professional.


Charlton had a nice little system going on Goodreads, but she kept pushing it. Maybe she spends too much time around dummies like Dick and Oops, but Charlton got the idea that she was untouchable. Clearly, she isn't safe from consequences especially now with the UK government cracking down on Internet trolls like her.


Before I post the SS I sent to Goodreads, I want to respond to Charlton’s lame threats at the end of her post.



This is the second time she's mentioned how she hasn't posted her one star review of my book on US Amazon. Look, Gertrude, either take a shit or get off the pot. Just post the f’ing thing already because the threat is lame. She's free to add her review to the 100 I have already. Seven are real one stars. I won’t weep over one more. I’m not Charlton who views negative reviews as personal attacks.


As for sharing those private SS, what makes Charlton think I haven’t seen everything they're up to right now in their precious groups? I’m a big believer in the slow sell. Julia was a lot of things, but stealth wasn’t one of them. She might be what Charlton referred to as a “distraction.” After all, there’s a reason our blog is on vacation. We have something bigger planned.


So Charlton should feel free to post what she wants. Just like we'll continue to post what we want about Charlton's efforts to manipulate the review process on Goodreads. I will give Charlton props for posting on "the infamous STGRB" using her real name today.


Here is a new SS proving how Charlton obsesses over reviews:



Here are the SS we sent to GR:


Planning the attack...



Acting out the attack...




Here "throwaway accounts" working the system...



Explaining to Dick how to mess with the GR database to hide her books...


Agreeing with a plan to attack GR employees for working at a company the asshats are against...


Trumped up reasons? Sure, Charlton.

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