Stronger than a man, simpler than a child, her nature stood alone. I have seen nothing like it, but indeed, I have never seen her parallel in anything.

--- Said Charlotte Bronte of Emily 


Nobody comes. Nobody calls - 

Which Novelist after a moment of realizes may sound like a line of Beckett´s, but is actually something he himself has said in an earlier book. 


Hamlet. A boring play full of quotations.


Is Moby Dick the whale or the man?

--- James Thurber said Harold Ross had to ask.


Thomas Hardy´s first wife, Emma, kept a twenty-year diary that was evidently devoted almost entirely to the evisceration of his character. 

--- Hardy burned  every word of it at her death.


Shortly after its publication, Robert McAlmon informed Joyce that he planned to throw his copy of Ulysses out of the window. Joyce told him not to: 

--- Socrates might be passing in the street.


Reviewers who protest that Novelist has lately appeared to be writing the same book over and over. 

--- Like their grandly perspicacious uncles - who groused that Monet had done those damnable water lilies nine dozen times already also.


Art cannot rescue anybody from anything.

--- Says the narrator of a Gilbert Sorrentino story.


Too lazy to copy down passages he thought he might later wish to quote, De Quincey often simply ripped them out of the book at hand.

--- Even when the book was someone else´s.


The Shakespeare of the lunatic asylum.

--- An early French critic called Dostoievsky.


Foul. Like a rat, slithering along in hate. He is not nice.

--- Being D.H. Lawrence´s later view.


Two pages of The Mill on the Floss are enough to start me crying.

--- Said Proust.


Anybody can be nobody.

--- Said Eugene V. Debs.


Kindly see me safe up. As for coming down I shall shift for myself.

--- Said Sir Thomas More - being led to the gallows. 


1922. Ulysses.

1922. The Waste Land.

1922. The Reader´s Digest.


The wastepaper basket is the author´s best friend.

--- Noted Isaac Bashevis Singer.


A hack writer who would not have been considered fourth-rate in Europe.

--- Faulkner once called Twain.


My time will come.

--- Said Gregor Mendel, ignored throughout his life.


Think of the Bible and Homer, think of Shakespeare and think of me.

--- Gertrude Stein


Merde pour la poésie.

--- Decided Rimbaud.


The Last Novel by David Markson