The WICK Omnibus Edition - Michael Bunker

Just purchased. I am not exactly sure what I get. Some post apocalyptic thriller, I think, or maybe not. Before hitting the one-click button I skimmed over the reviews, and I have to quote from a one-star review - which actually sold me the book finally. My decision was already set more or less but that was the last push. Nope, didn´t read the five-star reviews, and they are plenty. 

On top of all this, the tone of the book is very much as would be written by a Russian mindset. Bleak, fatalistic and as though life is a tragedy in the making.

I love my Tolstoy, so if I´ve finally found a contemporary one, I am all good. 

Now it´s just the matter of making myself a cup of coffee, before starting to read Wick. Very much looking forward to it. :)