Brother, Frankenstein by Michael Bunker 

Brother Frankenstein

I´ve like 0,01 % interest in Sci-Fi normally, but this artwork is stunning.

Coming in March (hopefully, but this seems to be subject to change)


A borderline sociopath and technological genius, Dr. Alexander has designed an advanced cybernetic life form from prototype defense industry materials and top-secret experimental DARPA technology. The HADroid was supposed to be a military grade robot with the transplanted heart and brain of a human donor that would “transform” into a devastating state of the art war machine when activated by its onboard human operator. But when the doctor steals the dying child of a simple Amish couple and transplants the brain and cardiovascular system of their eleven year old autistic son into the incredibly lethal but human looking robot, the dark forces of government come looking for their investment. Dr. Alexander and the monster escape into another Amish community to hide among the plain folk while Frank, the autistic eleven year old boy trapped inside the body of a man that can become the world’s deadliest robot, befriends another child who will help the prisoner inside the machine to leave the world of autism and understand what it means to be human and Amish. Outside Amish country a larger battle looms, but tensions arise among the plain and pacifistic Amish as they begin to suspect just what kind of technological monstrosity is hiding among them, and before long hard men who do the government’s most dirty deeds will come looking for a killing machine… only to find a boy named Frank who has the power to defend a closed society from the worst of the world.

Cover by Ben Adams @BenJAdams_