Tales of Tinfoil: Stories of Paranoia and Conspiracy - Wendy Paine Miller, Lucas Bale, Michael Bunker, Eric Tozzi, Chris Pourteau, David Gatewood, Forbes West, Joseph E Uscinski, Peter Cawdron, Edward W. Robertson, Ernie Lindsey, Richard Gleaves, Jennifer Ellis, Nick Cole

When I was recently approached by two Men In Black, about whom I can´t tell you (they didn´t mention not to say anything about their UFOs so I think I´m safe), to read a compilation of past events I jumped on the opportunity. It´s a non-fiction book by twelve alter-egos of the so-called editor, Mr Gatewood, and sold as "conspiracy theories". Which of course is a lie to protect the innocent. Among those are Leonard Nimoy, who faked his own death, and lives with Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley in a bunker in Texas. They are quite happy that way, especially when this cigar rolling bearded man brings them bread and water, coz that´s how he rolls.

To remain undercover, however, the so-called story by Forbes "Medium Talent" West was replaced with a 400-page-document by Edward Snowden, who goes by the name of Forbes West and who is really David Gatewood, and has nothing to do with anything. Pinkie swear. Also those book doesn´t exist, never existed, and won´t exist in the future. Any rumors of the Tales of Tinfoils are slightly exaggerated.

Also no worries that this David Gatewood is wearing an orange jumpsuit, he is doing alright last time I´ve heard. Apologize for the bad pic quality, but apparently it is a YouTube still from his super secret hiding place *cough* in Guantan... Moscow... ahem...Tehran.  Nope, he wasn´t forced to smile by those NSA guys. At all. The guns pointing at his head were photoshopped out of the picture, though. But this could be a rumor.