Shadows Burned In - Chris Pourteau

Not sure how long the sale will last, but Chris has become one of my fave authors thanks to his Apocalypse Weird: The Serenity Strain, and his Tales of B-Company (set in Michael Bunker´s world of Pennsylvania).

Book description:

David Jackson leaves a successful law practice in the big city to return to the hometown he fled long ago. At its center stands Old Suzie’s house, a grand home once the elegant jewel of a bygone era. Now abandoned, the house stands decaying, simmering in the town’s tortured past. David thought he’d buried his childhood nightmares along with his father in the town cemetery under six feet of dirt and thirty years of grief, but they’re not finished with him just yet. His wife and daughter find themselves in real danger from the unquiet phantoms of David’s past. David Jackson’s childhood might just hold the key to what haunts Old Suzie’s house—and his family’s salvation.  

Praise for Shadows Burned In:

This is that novel of childhood's end and adult's beginning. Of saying farewell to the things you love and that scare you and hello to things you're too scared to ever stop loving…written extremely well and with incredible heart. Complex. Bittersweet. It doesn't let you go. I highly recommend this haunted tale. — Nick Cole, author of The Wasteland Saga, Soda Pop Soldier and the coming Control Alt Revolt (published by Harper Collins, Oct 13, 2015)

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