The Last Projector - David James Keaton

"I´ve been thinking about some things lately, " she goes on. "And it amazes me how some men don´t understand what they are doing to someone that they supposedly love. I was thinking today that, what if, instead of causing a headache or a stomach ache with their anger, what if their jealously caused their girl to get a nosebleed every time he accused her of cheating?"
He considers this. She finishes her beer, then takes Jack´s smile while she talks.
"Every time some asshole accuses their girl of smiling at someone else, every time he checks her email all sneaky, every time he suspiciously unfolds a scrap of paper from the jeans she left on the floor where she dropped them... she gets a nosebleed. Without anyone laying a hand on her. Think about it. What if, every time you screamed at your girl about how many guys she´s fucked, a little drop of blood ran out of the corner of her mouth? Would you think twice about what you were doing to her?"