Broken Bulbs - Eddie Wright Lie - Rathan Krueger Suicide Girls in the Afterlife - Gina Ranalli Stromata: Prose Works - Cliff Burns The Bridge that Bunuel Built - Roger Morris

Hi *waves* I am Miranda and I am a book buying addict. *smiles*


(Everybody nods back in agreement.) <--- the sound is turned off so it would be silly if anybody would say "Hi" back.


Had the strange urge to go look for some surreal stuff and this is what I found. Not to read, not right now, but the urge to buy them.


Short stories, novellas, and what in general I call The Odd Birds.


Never read anything by any of those authors and deliberately skipped reading reviews, so I have really no idea what I have bought exactly. But that´s cool. Sometimes those can turn out to be real gems. Totally trusting the covers and the blurbs. I am just like that. A little naive maybe, but experience told me that it is worth it. *finger crossed*


So yeah, bear with me. Love me, hate me, I don´t care. ---> I am talking to the books now. Me happy, and that is all that matters. Right? Right! Told you so!


Nuff said, here you go:


Broken Bulbs by Eddie Wright

Lie by Rathan Krueger

Suicide Girls In The Afterlife by Gina Ranalli

Stromata: Prose Works (1992-2011) by Cliff Burns

That Bridge That Bunuel Built by Roger Morris