If you are in Houston, TX on Saturday, 01/11/14, and are a fan of romances with biker dudes & chicks you may want to check this out. 



BIKERS-BABES & BOOKS is a themed book signing taking place at STUBBSHARLEY-DAVIDSON in Houston Texas. This event will feature multiple authors whose books are biker themed or have a main character who rides a motorcycle. 

More info can be found at: http://tdevents.blogspot.com/p/bikers-babes-books.html


At the book signing, among other authors, will also be the wonderful, marvelous, and bestest romance writer EVAH! Bijou Hunter. 

(Yes, yes, fangurl speaking. Shut up you haterz. :P)

Didn´t Bijou & myself co-design a real sexy banner for the event? (if you dare to say ´no´ I totally have to unfriend/unfollow you. So not sorry about that, bruhaha.)


Following authors will be at the book signing: 

Madeline Sheehan
Crystal Spears
Elle Chardou
Nicole Jacquelyn
Lisa Harley
Kim Jones
Kit Rocha
JC Emery
C.M. Stunich
Joanna Wylde
Belle Whittington
Laramie Briscoe
Bijou Hunter
Shauna Allen
Troy Mason

Source: http://tdevents.blogspot.com/p/bikers-babes-books.html