Back to Off Topic with Part 2.

Oops has turned into a bullytrollreviewer, who would have guessed? Since she is such a lovely lady she later changed her rating from 1* star to 3*** star. Emma didn´t want to hurt the author´s feelings. Emma totally lives by the old saying "If you don´t have anything nice to say, better shut the fuck up, you moron!." If only. 




Jaq as always is a little slow on the uptake and carpet-bombed the "Off Topic" book via her several socks she has lost on GR. Oh noes! Cold feet are really a pain in the ass, Jaq, aren´t they?




Paula from the Xenophobia planet, however, did a turnaround and instead of kissing Rick´s ass, she´s kissing every single one of the STGRB chick´s asses. Tastes are different! Paula shared private *gasp* conversations from a secret group to another, forgetting for a moment that Rick is her friend. My oh my, Paula, Paula. That´s not nice! 




But how to really deal with "these people" is something Melody Clark has figured out. She does not need sock puppet accounts like Jaq D. Dorkins or V.L. Dreyer. She does not need to play the victim like Emma Paul. She doesn´t even have to run a hate site. No, Melody Clark hurts the market. Yeap, that´s right. If there would be an BBA Whisperer award for the dumbest comment ever made Oops would have a hard time to defend her title. Dear Melody, please hurt the market. We are all thrilled not to run accidently into your crapsterpiece. You´re welcome.




When everything´s said and done, this is what the STGRB/LOSE/ATA chicks (*waves to Mike*) really do in their secret pigeonholes: Screaming like idiots!